What is Impact Magazine

Every home and business has a mailbox, and every mailbox represents a potential customer. Unlike advertising in the local newspaper, you don't have to worry about how to reach non-subscribers. If they have a mailbox, and 98% of people do, they get Impact Magazine!

Power of Print

In today's high tech world of the internet, email and other new advertising gadgets and gizmos, Impact Magazine is still the most cost-effective way to reach out to new customers, and stay in touch with your current ones.

Consumers today have less free time. Why make them wade through the newspaper or internet sites looking for bargains when an ad in Impact Magazine gives them everything they want quickly, efficiently and at a glance? Area residents receive Impact Magazine in their mailboxes free of charge every month. No need to buy a newspaper, listen to the radio, watch television commercials, or search the internet to find out what you have to offer. It's all right there at their fingertips in Impact Magazine.

Because it looks and feels like a magazine, Impact is treated like one. Consumers read it and refer to it repeatedly over the month. We call that shelf life. Increased shelf life and repeat exposure mean increased response to your advertising message or special offer.

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Why Do Coupons Count?

  • Motivate customers to try your business
  • Incentive to re-establish relationships
  • Reward continued customer loyalty
  • Attract customers looking for a specific product or service
  • Track your return on investment